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Egyptian Scaffolding (better Ben? :-))

IMG_8044, originally uploaded by c1t0d0s2. Given there aren’t many trees around in Sharm, it amazes me the amount of wood that is used as scaffolding. Huge hotels being built with millions of bits of wood. Morocco was similar. Seems quite … Continue reading

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Grrrrr Oracle (again)^2

Grrrrrr… Oracle Enacts ‘all Or Nothing’ Hardware Support Policy. We knew it was coming, remains to be seen if we can afford it. The fact that they seem to base the number of tech contacts you can have on multiples … Continue reading

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Grrrrr Oracle (again)

I’m sure you base your business decisions on this blog, so please just stop it FFS. You are getting annoying now (yes yes, it could have been IBM, I know) Solaris no longer free to use [ | | | … Continue reading

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AppleTV strip down

My AppleTV has been getting noisy recently, and also seemed to be running hot (yes, I know they always run hot – this was *really* hot). Given I’ve a day off today while our living room is attacked by the … Continue reading

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Grrrrrr Oracle….

Oracle claim they will plough more effort/money/monkeys into Solaris. This is a good thing IMO. However, they also seem to have made a move that is going to make Solaris harder for people to use/dev/playwith on a small scale. Oracle … Continue reading

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more faster interwebs ftw

After my wireless went screwy, and then our Sky box started to bugger about I had a look at what I could get from VirginMedia. I don’t like Sky. I’ve never liked Sky. I’d like HD but I refuse to … Continue reading

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Amazon scare me…

Woke the Mac up this morning, and was presented with a warning that I’d not unmounted a disk correctly. Uh oh… Seems that for the second time, my 1TB external WD MyBook has crapped out and just clicks 🙁 Bit … Continue reading

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Maplin USB Multimeter and MacOS

Over the weekend my trusty old multimeter gave up the ghost (it must be 15 years old so I can’t complain really). A quick hunt around the local area revealed nothing of great interest so a lunchtime trip to Maplins … Continue reading

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Macbook wireless slow and unreliable – possible fix?

For the last couple of days, the wireless on my Macbook (alu unibody) has been unreliable. Packet lost to the router of 20-40% at times! Having a look around, it seems that the once wifi-free locality is now rather stuffed … Continue reading

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yes yes, I know…

It’s been a while, no, I’m not dead. Just not really posting anything on here 🙂 Anyway, happy now Tony? 🙂 Could be an interesting day tomorrow firstly, Apple event – *finally* the Apple tablet will make an appearance? Sounds … Continue reading

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