Yes yes, a blog post. Got a bill to renew my hosting and it reminded me 🙂 Over a year since the last rant post it seems – that’s pretty poor even by my blogshy history… anyway…

Seems that Jessops have gone pop. No great surprise, but a little sad. Reminded me of a post I made (urk, 7.5 years ago!) about Jessops killing off the small shops. Didn’t expect back then for 7dayshop to outlive Jessops, but given the news that is closing down I do wonder if they will survive.

As someone said on a forum I read, it’s a bad day for photographers, where are we going to go now to try things before ordering them on the internet.

Saying that, a few weeks before Christmas I did actually visit a couple of Jessop stores as I’m looking to buy a new Camera. I’ve pretty much decided on an EOS 650D – nothing too exotic, not bottom of the range but far from top end. Just the sort of thing Jessops would have in stock? No, they didn’t have any – not even a display model. I also wanted to have a look at the new STM 18-135 lens – again, none in stock in any of the stores in Kent. One London store had the camera, but not the lens. The 60D (the other body I was interested in) was even worse. Maidstone store did have a 5D in stock (I think it was a 5D, certainly a single digit model) but they admitted that was only due to a customer order that had been cancelled. Maybe the lack of stock was a sign of their impending doom – suppliers will be the first to run away when the fan starts spinning.

Ought to say, the staff in the maidstone branch were really helpful (well, as helpful as they could be with little stock) and it’s sad for them, but am I sad to see Jessops go? Certainly more sad than I was when Comet went pop (no loss there, horrible horrible shop with hard sell warranties and constant “we need your address for your warranty” lies) but it does seem only fair that after killing the independents, they now get killed by the online superstores. Just a shame the WEX showroom is so far away 🙁

I guess I’ll probably end up ordering from Amazon or WEX like usual – just like everyone else. And that’s exactly Jessops problem.

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