I get in this evening to find an answerphone message on my mobile:

barclaycard voicemail

Hmmm. That’s not great. My card has been compromised? Hang on, maybe this is a scam and it’s not barclaycard at all.

Lets google the number they want me to ring, if it’s legit then barclaycard will be right up there in the results:


Hmmm… suspicious. So maybe it is a scam? Still, at least they tell me to check their website before ringing it. That’ll confirm it’s not a scam. So, lets look at that url they tell me to check:


Ahha, that’s a broken link now and just redirects me to their homepage – google digging suggests it did work in 2009, but now some dumb scammer is quoting it to make the phone message sound legit without even realising barclaycard have changed their website. Ha! stupids! Can’t fool me, you aren’t barclaycard!

Except it is. If you actually ring that number, it recognises your phone number and tells you the last 4 transactions that it thinks are suspicious… How bloody stupid. It’s not as if barclaycard are a massive creditcard company who should know better. Idiots…

So, I listen to an interesting list of transactions I’ve made all over the US this evening and then press 2 for “WTF? That wasn’t me!”. Very quickly I get put through to the barclaycard fraud department. Someone who sounds like she is on the end of a very long line. I ponder asking if she knows how to connect to an imaps server (it’s been a long week) but figure I’d rather just get my card sorted. Ah, unfortunately, she can’t help as I need to talk to the fraud department. Suddenly I feel like I’ve gone a bit recursive… *sigh*.

I’m put on hold listening to some music that sounds so bad I can’t tell what it is. 10 mins later I get a message saying they are too busy to take my call, and that they will ring me back. Excellent. That’ll be at 3am or something helpful I assume. grrrrr. Thanks to the unique way virginmedia charge for phonecalls, I’m currently £3.50 down on the deal (ignoring the 2 grands worth of dodgy jewelery I’ve apparantly ordered) and now I’ve booked a middle of the night wakeup call. Excellent.

I know, I’ll ring the number on the card. I do. They aren’t all that helpful. More confused tbh. In the end they put me through to the barclaycard fraud dept (just how many do they have?) who after 10 mins tell me they are too busy and that I might want to call back later. They then hang up. I notice this is a an 08444 number. Over 30p a min. Excellent, phone reports 18 mins. *sigh*

I log into my online account management, nothing odd there. No mention of a problem. I poke around the site a bit and stumble across http://www.barclaycard.co.uk/personal/credit-guidance/suspect-fraud

Ahha! A way of ringing their fraud dept (well, one of them anyway) that will cost them! I reckon I’m 7 quid down on the deal so settle down with the phone and a mug of tea and look forward to the hold music again this time on their bill.

Except they answer immediately. Very efficient (although I fail a security check by failing to know how old I’ll be next birthday). Loads of transactions today for O2 and Voda topups, and a load of online shopping.

All declined, card blocked. New card issued, simples.

4 mins and it’s all sorted. Odd how they don’t stick you on hold when it’s *their* bill. Gits…


So, all in all, a piss poor showing by barclaycard and their multitude of fraud teams.

If you’ve been left a message telling you to ring 0845 351 2259 I recommend you ignore it, and ring the 0800 number instead. You know, the one that’s not on the website they tell to check on, but is listed here:



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  1. Jane Smith says:

    The link to that number doesn’t work – is Aug 2012 now – no sign of any free 0800 numbers anywhere on the site. You don’t still happen to have it, do you?


  2. dmc says:

    Hmm. No, sorry – I can’t find it now.


    01604 230 230 might work and could be cheaper to call (and is likely to be included on mobile contract inclusive mins unlike 0845)

  3. michael says:


    look on the right hand side under ‘validate our phone number’ – enter the number there and you see it is recognised as genuine

    so all good

  4. billy says:

    I called back to Barclays fraud department and spoke to in Indian man, they were very helpful. I was please and amazed with the efficiency of their automated security system, which picked up 2 fraudulent transactions and save my cr.card from being misused. Well done to Barclays and their Indian security system.


  5. KP says:

    my card was compromised last month and had an automated call from barclaycard. After having repeated myself to 3 different people they gave a freephone No: 0800 318 665 to call if the transactions appeared on my statement. They did appear along with some payment which I never made, a fee and could I get any sense out of the fraud team .. NO. Letter on it’s way to the Chairman, perhaps might be able to explain.

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