Since posting about the Disneyland App I’ve had a couple of emails asking what the data usage was, and also how good the app is.

Well, it works – and the queue times appear “live”. We were standing at the queue line for Nemo at the start of the day and the queue line sign went from 20 mins (yeah right) to 80 mins. The app updated immediately.

In terms of data usage, I’d got 25MB a day to play with using Vodafone data traveller and that was more than enough for everything I wanted to do. If you just wanted to use the app then a couple of MB a day should be plenty – it really doesn’t seem to use much at all (as I hoped!).

I was reading email (I’d disabled push email), using twitter, looking a few things up on the web and occasionally looking at facebook as well as using the Disney app and the most I used was 10MB in one day. If you turned off all push related apps (disable all the notifications) then I don’t think it’ll be a problem.

More of an issue was the signal. Vodafone appears to roam onto SFR whenever it can – SFR signal within the parks is pretty crappy. It seems the best network within the parks is Orange. They appeared to have pretty decent signal in most places – but they don’t have a roaming deal with Vodafone. Another phone we had (on Tesco mobile IIRC) did roam onto OrangeFR and had pretty decent data connectivity.

In the village wasn’t as bad, and in our hotel room we had consistently 4 bars of 3G goodness on SFR.

One other thing – the app tells you that the queue times are only available when you are in the park. They aren’t joking – you really have to be in the park. Even in the area in front of the parks (the bit after the search tent) it wouldn’t work.

So, in all, yes, the app works and if you can connectivity, it works fairly well.

On the downside, voda roaming within the parks is a bit crappy, and the app itself is a bit dodgy with the multitasking on the iphone4 (couple of times I had to kill it as it stuck on the title page). Worth using though IMO.

Of course, if you use it and rack up a gazzilion pound roaming bill don’t come crying to me – YMMV 🙂 If you do use it I’d be interested in hearing views though.

Average Rating: 4.7 out of 5 based on 189 user reviews.

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