Grrrrrr… Oracle Enacts ‘all Or Nothing’ Hardware Support Policy.

We knew it was coming, remains to be seen if we can afford it. The fact that they seem to base the number of tech contacts you can have on multiples of $250k maintenance fees doesn’t sound promising. Sure, 24/7 support is nice, but we don’t (largely) use 24/7 – we don’t have any 24/7 staff to make use of it!

Policy doc (warning, PDF) for those who are really interested

I’ve just emailed our account manager at his address. Got an autoresponse saying he is out of the office until thurs – sent from his address 🙁 Rub it in…

Unless there are some surprises to come in pricing this could be the end of Solaris/Sun for us.

Sucks 🙁 Still, could have been worse. Could have gone blue…

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  1. pao says:

    Sad days indeed.

    I have to admit though that I am starting to really like Red Hat in a virtualised environment – the packages may not be bleeding edge but stuff just tends to work and that at the end of the day is all you need in a production environment.

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