My AppleTV has been getting noisy recently, and also seemed to be running hot (yes, I know they always run hot – this was *really* hot). Given I’ve a day off today while our living room is attacked by the fireplace people I thought I’d have a look.

Firstly, getting the rubber cover off of the back is tricky – the glue on mine seems to have lost all of it’s “rubberyness” and is not brittle. This means I’ve now got three pieces of rubber to fit to the bottom instead of one (of course, it could just be I’m too impatient picking it off carefully ;-)). Anyway, onto the indards…

As suspected, it’s the fan that is dying. Annoyingly this appears to be a rather rare (ie, impossible to find) model – made harder to find a replacement by the fact that it’s side venting.

Apple part number is Apple P/N 603-9928

It’s a delta fan (aren’t they always?) – Delta BFB0605LB

Damn you Apple and your fancy design. Grrr.

Anyone got any ideas for a replacement? I’d be tempted to leave the lid off but that exposes live PSU which is apparantly frown upon with kids around. Bah.

AppleTV fan delta BFB0605LB
AppleTV fan delta BFB0605LB

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  1. zeldi says:


    have you managed to find a replacement fan for your ATV? Could a heatsink do a job?

  2. zeldi says:


    have you managed to find a replacement fan for your ATV? Have you considered maybe just putting a heatsink on proc?

  3. dmc says:

    Nope, never did. It’s been running on and off for a while with no fan (and the case still in bits).

    Getting tempted by the new one though… 🙂

  4. Just to let you know: my ATV runs for almost 2 years now without the fan. I yanked it out, left the bottom plate out and put the ATV on its side so air can flow freely. No noise anymore even with a 500G HD upgrade. – JG

  5. Jack says:

    yeah, could you send me more picture about this failure fan? and i will study how to fix or replace it. thanks

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