Oracle claim they will plough more effort/money/monkeys into Solaris. This is a good thing IMO. However, they also seem to have made a move that is going to make Solaris harder for people to use/dev/playwith on a small scale. Oracle have stopped users being able to download updates without a contract. This sucks.

A couple (?) of years back sun started making a lot of SunSolve only available to contract customers but *security* fixes were always available to all.

It seems that this has to be a real Solaris contract, HW maint isn’t enough:

Note that hardware warranties or hardware-only support contracts do not provide Software Update Entitlement.

Also, it seems that you are meant to have a software contract on all machines you install updates on. This means (AFAICS) that if we are building some dev/test/POC boxes on older machines that have dropped off of contract then we are not allowed to download and install *any* patches:

“Software Update Entitlement” means the right to access and download a Software Update for a product, for installation and use only on systems covered by an appropriate and active Sun support contract for that product

This sucks.

Also, I’m not liking the tone of:

Sun and Sun authorized service providers invest substantial resources to provide quality services from fully trained and qualified field engineers. Only Sun and Sun authorized service providers have the right to escalate problems to Sun’s engineering team, and to access Sun’s proprietary tools and information which are necessary to provide customers with quality and timely support.

Larry did say he was coming after the 3rd party boys…

Of course, most of this won’t actually affect us at all as we have HW/SW maint on all of our kit (well, we do now – it remains to be seen if we can now afford the renewal) but it’s not the nice warm fuzzy Sun that we know of old.

Of course, the old warm fuzzy Sun seemed particularly crap at making money – something Larry is pretty good at.

I wonder if they will offer some level of site license for Solaris. That could be interesting(1). Mind you, would mean selling your soul to Oracle to able to afford. Oh, hang on….

(1) s/interesting/bloody expensive/

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  1. pao says:

    Well since you have sold half of your soul to Microsoft does it really matter?

  2. dmc says:

    well yeah, I need a bit left over in case I get a better offer 🙂

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