After my wireless went screwy, and then our Sky box started to bugger about I had a look at what I could get from VirginMedia.

I don’t like Sky. I’ve never liked Sky. I’d like HD but I refuse to pay more for it so a V+ box looked appealing. After doing the sums and chatting a couple of times with VirginMedia customer retentions I managed to get a deal where I had a V+ box downstairs, a V box upstairs, all the channels (which gives me all the on demand stuff that isn’t an option on Sky), a phoneline and 50Mbit broadband all for a few quid less than I was paying Sky, TiVo and Virgin. Seemed worth a punt, so it was all installed a couple of days ago.

The phoneline…. well, it’s a phoneline. Not much to say there. Calls are more expensive than BT were but we don’t use it enough to care. No caller ID though (well, without paying an extra ร‚ยฃ2.50 a month).

TV service seems ok. It’s not TiVo, but hopefully when the VirginMedia TiVo makes an appearance I’ll be able to upgrade to it. Being able to record two shows while watching a third is handy, but not really something that we couldn’t live without. HD is HD. There isn’t as much as there is on Sky, but then it doesn’t cost me extra so I just see that as a nice bonus. Installer didn’t have any of the newer Samsung boxes on the van so we have a SA box – although it’s not badged SA anymore – this one is badged as a Cisco. It’s a bit laggy at times, but not too bad and given we are used to the TiVo (where you tell it to turn over, it then sends IR commands to the Sky box and then there is a second or so MPEG lag) this isn’t a major problem. The on demand stuff is *really* handy – we will use that *a lot*. Would be nice if they launch a remote web/SMS record interface (it’s rumoured) but it’s hardly an essential.

Broadband…. Wow. Not sure I’ll be able to downgrade again, 50 MBit is nice – the faster upload is really nice ๐Ÿ™‚

speedtest result

So far, I’m happy ๐Ÿ™‚ It was nice ringing sky and telling them to get lost – but sad killing the TiVo sub though ๐Ÿ™

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  1. Chris Keene says:

    If you have a few secs can you try filling out:

    Just a quick form to fill in broadband speed. Iรขโ‚ฌโ„ขm trying to get a feel for the different speeds people can get.

    You can see results here:

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