Woke the Mac up this morning, and was presented with a warning that I’d not unmounted a disk correctly. Uh oh…

Seems that for the second time, my 1TB external WD MyBook has crapped out and just clicks 🙁 Bit of fiddling with powercycling and percussive maintenaince has got it back online again but I think this is it’s final warning. I need a new hard drive.

Just as I’m pondering this Entourage pops up new email from Amazon.co.uk:

“Are you looking for something in our External Hard Drive category? If so, you might be interested in these items”


Amazon killed my hard drive! I’m going to have to order one now, I know it…

Samung Story Station is tempting – it’s the big knob to control the pimp lights that tempts me (yeah, I know, sad really :-))

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  1. pao says:

    Ahh that old chestnut. If you do find a disk rogers itself, one bit of software defintely worth every penny is Disk Warrior, its not cheap but does work with physically damaged disks to get back data.

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