For the last couple of days, the wireless on my Macbook (alu unibody) has been unreliable. Packet lost to the router of 20-40% at times!

Having a look around, it seems that the once wifi-free locality is now rather stuffed with Sky and talktalk wifi access points – all clashing and it seems that the macbook is particularly sensitive to this. Michs laptop could see two wireless networks and was fine. My Macbook could see up to 10 at times 🙁

After much faffing with channels etc (making no useful difference) I was just pondering ordering a true N access point and jumping to a (hopefully) less cluttered 5GHz setup then I stumbled across a forum post suggesting that turning your router to “G” mode instead of “B and G” fixes it. Slightly suspicious of this info I figured I’d try it….and bugger me, it’s working.

YMMV, but it seems to have worked for me 🙂

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