is no more – it now redirects to 🙁 Didn’t take them long to roll out the new styles! (but then, I guess they have had 9 months to get it all ready :-)).

Best thing is that the bloody annoying “Recommendations” fly out menu on has died with the migration \o/

I did watch most of the Oracle presentations yesterday, as well as following Apples iPad launch. Both left me a bit “bleh”.

The iPad is shiny, and I’m sure once I’ve had a play with one I’ll decide I need one. But, it’s not quite there IMO. $500 is tempting price but why so much extra for 3G? Also, I already have a data contract on my iPhone – why can’t I use that? Bluetooth the ipad to my phone, share the data and I’ll be really tempted (I’d be willing to pay a bit extra a month to cover extra data usage). Anyway, time will tell if Apple have again managed to come up with something market changing – I’m not convinced (yet :-)).

Oracle and Sun was also a bit of a non event for the bits I’m really interested in. Talk of the T processors was good – they aren’t being scrapped then. Very little talk however of the sort of servers we might buy – T5220 type boxes. Will they still be developed? Will the new coolthread CPUs be affordable to us? Nothing much was said.

The suggestion that support will be simplified is also rather worrying. While Sun support can be a pain in the arse with all the options (they are currently trying to work out if we are supported for DSEE7 under JES for example), it has been affordable to us at the lower levels (generally, Silver support). If Oracle really want to simplify it to one, easy to understand level it’s going to be gold equiv at least. Can’t see it not going up massively – probably to a point where we just can’t justify it 🙁

The other big worry is how Oracle will merge the two middleware stacks. Glassfish is going to stick around, but some of the other components it was less clear. Given we are about to deploy DSEE and OpenSSO Enterprise I was hoping for some more reassurance that they weren’t going to be scrapped. DSEE will stick around I’m sure – but OpenSSO? Less clear…and even if it does, will we be able to afford to renew the contract in 18 months time?…

Glad to hear that the rumours of massive cuts to Sun staff (well, the ones who are still left working there!) didn’t prove to be true. Quite the opposite it seems – Oracle are employing more. This is a good thing(tm) IMO.

Still, the next few months could be interesting to see how it all pans out.

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  1. Scott says:

    Saw your comment on the oracle site re middleware. Just wanted t say hi and feel your pain re future of sun products. I am just about to deploy opensso too at my university in the states, and obviously use dsee and dps. It takes so much time to get these products stable. If my budget goes belly up probably switch to opends and opensso. We can barely afford sun support let alone oracle 😉

  2. dmc says:

    yeah, I suspect we will do similar. Don’t know if you are on the irc channel, but the forgerock stuff is looking *very* interesting and gathering speed and an impressive rate of knots!

    Hopefully going to get to London on Friday to meet a few of them and maybe get a bit of a clearer picture.

    Interesting (and rather frustrating) times!

  3. Philip says:

    dmc, scott,

    I may be able to offer some advice/help, at least on the directory front.

    Drop me an email: philip @

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