It’s been a while, no, I’m not dead. Just not really posting anything on here 🙂

Anyway, happy now Tony? 🙂

Could be an interesting day tomorrow firstly, Apple event – *finally* the Apple tablet will make an appearance? Sounds from the rumours it’s going to be more iphone than mac though so I’m less interested (well, a bit less ;-)). Definitely interested in iPhone OS4 and any new phones given I’ve just dropped out of contract…

Secondly, and probably more importantly, the Oracle Sun webcast. After the EU finally gave the go ahead for the takeover (seems to have been going on for *ages*) it’ll be interesting to hear what Oracle really plan to do with Sun.

Dropping mid range storage seems obvious. Sun are not all that strong in that area – better alternatives are around. Similarly, tape is probably out IMO (but openstorage kit more likely to hang around?). Solaris isn’t likely to be going I’d imagine – dropping that makes no sense if oracle are serious about selling the entire stack. Sparc I’m less convinced on. The T series boxes are neat in many ways, and crap in others. The high end FujitsuSun boxes with the “real” Sparcs in are just too expensive for us. I know Larry has suggested that Sparc isn’t going away but I can’t see how they can justify designing their own CPUs when there are options like the nehalams available. So, high end stays with Fujitsu, lower end becomes x86 only? Would be a shame…

The software stack is rather more murky. Java won’t be going anywhere, that’s for sure but there is a lot of overlap in the middleware – Appservers, identity/access management and to some extent, the comms stack have massive overlaps that will have to be cut. Be interesting to see what gets slashed from this lot. Virtualbox feels rather out of place – and isn’t ever going to be VMware. global desktop somewhat safer though I’d imagine given Oracle are massive users of this. Given how open Oracle are (ha!) it’ll be interesting to see how they view the opensource everything model.

We are just about to roll out OpenSSO on Glassfish with DSEE all running on a pair of coolthreads boxes so I fully expect oracle to announce they are scrapping all of that lot. Still, if only we had a nice new shiny Oracle Appserv license…

Oracle have already said MySQL isn’t going away (and was largely the cause of the EU delays) but it will be interesting to see how/where they market this. Still, some level of marketing will be novel – sometimes it’s just too much like hard work trying to get Sun to actually sell you something! No wonder they don’t make money.

In terms of staff cuts, there has to be some. Rumours of 50% seems rather drastic (but then, something drastic has to happen – Sun isn’t working as it stands). Hope friends and contacts at Sun are ok. Sun support has always been some of the best. Hope that isn’t cut too much – marketing and sales should IMO be feeling a little nervous though :-/

Oh well, should know a bit more this time tomorrow eve…I suspect I’ll get around to posting something around July 🙂

Bye bye Sun?

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