First, we have a bit of a “security incident” on the main webserver at work. Turns out we were fairly lucky – lessons learnt last time something similar happen saved us (firewall *outgoing* connections++).

Still the same old issues of too many web authors publishing any old crap to the server and no real resource to police it or provide services to help check stuff and keep things upto date. Still, on the plus side, it seems to have provided the kick up the arse we needed to attempt to sort stuff out!

Secondly, an slight cockup on the SAN migration project that we are rushing through (to avoid the ridiculous fee HP want for next years maint) meant that a disk that was presented to our live exchange node was accidentally presented to our passive node, mounted and then a db copied onto it. Exchange got rather unhappy about this (fair play, it’s hardly it’s fault!) but the fact that everything in exchange is stuffed into a (now corrupt) DB added to the fact that DPM (Microsoft backup product) shat itself *again* last friday has made the recovery somewhat painful…and still far from complete. Fall out from this one could be rather wide…but at least it gives us some justification for spending money on a real backup system and not some crap from Microsoft that is unreliable.

Still, it’s not all bad. Mike is visiting next week to do some security work for us. looking forward to catching up and no doubt sampling a few fajitas. Also, took sprog1 to Silverstone for the Renault World Series 2009 event last weekend – fantastic free day out. Jake got to see a real F1 car (or rather, hear which is even more impressive) and now wants to go to a grand prix….not quite so easy/affordable 🙂 Had a chance to play with my camera for once (really ought to make an effort to use it more – been far too lazy recently.

Renault World Series - Silverstone 2009

Still, looks like this weekend might be quiet at least – was supposed to be doing some slightly scary migrations of our sun cluster to the new SAN – seems that due to an oversight/cockup during the hassle of the other incidents no one actually booked the downtime so it might all be on hold for a while… Ho hum…

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