So, the last GP for quite sometime at Silverstone was today.

Except I can’t quite believe it will be. Bernie the poison dwarf said there would be a British GP (come on, no one believed he would pull that one…). Even Gim^H^H^HMax said F1 would be back at Silverstone in 2010. In the same way as FOTA heading up a new championship isn’t likely to happen IMO, I can’t see the British GP ever disappearing from the calendar.

The BBC seemed to be playing up the history side of things more than ever. DC wasn’t saying all that much and both Brundle and Hill (conveniently connected with BRDC) seemed to be convinced that the “other place” wouldn’t be ready. The “other place” being Donington Park who I notice on their website are now branded the “New home of the British Formula One Grand Prix”. We shall see 🙂

Apparantly Silverstone have already started to pinch events from Donington next year. Given the endless problems with Doningtons plans I can’t see the GP going there… and if what wikipedia says is true (it’s on wikipedia so it *must* be true)

The race will also be the first one to be accessed by public transportation only, as cars will not be allowed to enter the facility. The close by East Midlands Parkway station on the Midland Main Line from London to Sheffield is central to this idea

A Grand Prix you can’t drive to??? Can’t see that working…

I plan to be at Silverstone next year for the GP 2010. I’m even hoping for pints of something other than bloody Fosters. Anyone else fancy it?

And if I turn out to be completely wrong, who fancies the FOTA championship race at Silverstone next year? Tickets might be a bit cheaper 🙂

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