I seem to start every blog post (not that there are many :-)) with some comment about being crap at posting. Seems that once again it’s been months – oh well.

Spent the last couple of weekends finally building the deck I’ve been pondering for yonks. At the bottom of our garden we have a large slab of concrete that isn’t level, floods towards the back quite regularly and is generally a bit ugly. It was laid in bits by the builder guy who owned this place before us and as such was all over the place. He used to park his van and store bricks’n’stuff there. Since we removed the fence (which added an extra 10m to the garden!) we have been pondering what to do with it. Digging it up and grassing it would be best – and seemed like rather a lot of work. Given it’s 18 sq m of 6-8 inch thick concrete with no way of getting a skip nearby that idea was a bit of a non starter!

Paving it would have required rather a lot of leveling as there is around 8 inches of difference in height between corners (or maybe just lay a patio with a hell of a fall :-)) so a raised deck seemed like an obvious solution. Can’t say I’m a huge fan of decking really but in this situation it seemed ideal.

After much planning/thinking (we cleared the site in 2007!) and much hunting around a shedload (or should that be a deckload?) of wood was ordered from Channel Woodcraft – fantastic local company who we *so* much cheaper than the sheds it wasn’t funny. This was soon delivered (along with a free BMW wing mirror….) and dumped on the lawn.wood
That started the clock ticking – could I build the thing before the grass died 🙂

Trip to Jacksons up the road to pick up a pergola and a shit load of screws and stuff from Screwfix and toolstation and I was set.

2 days and I’d built brick piers for the corners supports and the pergola base and sorted out the frame. Another day and the pergola was up \o/deck frame

Another couple of days and the decking is mainly fixed. Will stick up a finished photo once I’ve built the step etc and finished the front off (and, it’s not dark outside :-).

Things learnt:

  • Impact driver is a wonderful tool. I’m so glad I bought a decent drill/impact driver set. *Well* worth it.
  • 2nd thing learnt is that impact drivers *eat* batteries. Soon discovered why the set came with 3 batteries!
  • Planed wood is soooo much nicer to work with than the cheap stuff.
  • Jacksons stuff is expensive. However, you really do get what you pay for…
  • 700 quid gets you a *lot* of wood. It’s bloody heavy :-/
  • Still, nice to see that just as I finished building it in 25 deg heat it starts raining. Guess I’ve missed summer this year then…

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