Blimey I’m crap at keeping a blog upto date. I would suggest facebook but I’m crap at that as well. Been playing a bit with Twitter recently and while I have spells of fiddling with it I’m still suffering a bit from the “what is the point aspect”. Are people really interested in by every move (no)? Still, it does give me a chance to waste time while sat on the train to London – something I seem to be doing far to freuently for my liking recently…

Right, must be off – must do some research before todays meeting with sun. Need to see what @schofe is tweeting about fern leaving This Morning…

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  1. Barry says:

    I know what you mean. Can’t be arsed to update my blog most of the time, don’t do Facebook, can’t see the point of Twitter.

    I am too busy these days to be doing a blog/website that nobody reads or cares about!

    I might take down my site.

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