Finally, a few days in London that don’t need me to be sat in a training course all day! Spent a couple of nights staying County Hall on South Bank (around the back by the bins – not the posh bit :-)) with the kids. Jake has been pestering to go to London for a while and given we had our merlin passes from last halloween we thought we would go and stay near the London eye…

First day we spent at the Science museum and the Natural history museum. As always, excellent :-). Kids particularly enjoyed the science museum where a good time was had with candles and balloons full of hydrogen and building a rocket with a pringles tube. Natural history museum was heaving by the time we got there but Jake was happy as he managed to get to see the animatronic T-Rex again.


Sunday was spent abusing the merlin passes. First we went on the London eye (good, but a bit misty)…then we did the London aquarium (ok – not sure it’s really worth paying for a the moment as it’s a bit of a building site till March). Then we went to Madame Tussauds – somewhere I’d not been before. This was really busy but I quite liked it. Not sure it’s worth the entrance price though. Had I have paid full price for it I’m not sure I’d rate it tbh. Kids liked it though 🙂

Steven Spielberg waxwork

Also got a quick snap for typo – I did ask him to sort out your connection and got about the same level of service as the indian call centres give

Richard Branson waxwork

Then, back to the hotel for something to eat before doing the eye a couple more times. I think I prefer it at night – all the manky bits of London are hidden when it’s dark 🙂

London eye at night

Then for our final day we spent a few hours at the Tower of London as Mich has always fancied going along (and I’ve not been since I was about 10). This isn’t a Tussauds attraction so we had to pay but if anyone is thinking of going swing by a station and find the “2for1” leaflet… well worth it to save 17 quid. We got there not long after it opened and it was pretty good. Was getting stupidly busy when we left. Quick wander along the river so Jake could go have a look at the Monument (which reopened today it seems – must climb it sometime) and then back home before the trains got horrific. Knackered now 🙂 Back to work tomorrow 🙁

Must work out how much we would have spent if we hadn’t had the merlin passes…got loads of photos to sort through as well…

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    I am sacrifiing virgins on Friday morning, for future reference @virginmedia on twitter with a description ( in 140 words or less) of the problem actually works :o)

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