Having had a bit of look around the sales for bargains, I’d pretty much given up (Argos seem to have scrapped their 50% discount on lego sets 🙁 ) when I noticed Comet offering a 1TB My book drive for only 63quid. As this is less than most places are selling the bare drive that it contains for this appeared to be a bit of a bargain.

Reserved it online and went to pick it up where I noticed the 1TB model was listed on the shelf as 149 quid….and the 500GB one was reduced suspiciously to 63 quid.

Predictably, the guy returned with my reserved 500GB drive… I pointed out the reservation that showed it was a 1TB drive and with a couple of looks he said something like “wow, thats a bargain – must be online only or something, I’ll override the price”. Excellent. Bargain 1 🙂

A couple of weeks ago my TomTom install on my ancient Ipaq decided to stop working. No great loss, it was so old that the maps we getting too far out of date to be useful so I’d promised myself a new TomTom. Given I’m off to Wales tomorrow for a wedding (wtf have I done with my suit? How can I lose a suit!) I figured I’d find one today. No one seems to have any reduced in the sales so I found Argos had one in stock (just the cheapo basic model) and reserved it.

Drove to Ashford to pick it up only to be told by the guy on the till that “the reservation has been cancelled, sorry”. I asked him what that meant and was told “it means the reservation has been cancelled”. Well, yes….great. After he stood looking at me for a while he realised I wasn’t exactly pleased with his explaination and asked if I’d like to speak to his supervisor. I suggested this was a good idea and he wandered off. A few minutes later and someone else arrived to confirm that yes, the reservation had been cancelled. He said there wasn’t anything they could do as they didn’t actually have any in stock so I asked him for some compensation for my petrol and time. He instantly responded with “sorry, we can’t do that” and then smiled nicely. We stood there for a while, me looking at him. Him nervously looking at the growing queue of people waiting and me just standing there before he offered “would you like me to get the manager?” (I guess that’s better than asking if I’d like him to get security :-)) to which I suggested that yes, that would be a great idea.

Eventually someone comes to tell me that the problem is that the delivery was cocked up and they were sent a couple of XL models (130 quidish) instead of the 90 quid one I had reserved. I responded with “that’s great, I’ll take one of those then” and watched a wave of relief wash over his face….only to vanish when I followed up with “but I don’t want to pay more than the 90 quid thanks”.

A few more “discussions” and he eventually agrees \o/

Seems the external HD isn’t listed on comets site anymore – and the TomToms are all out of stock in Argos now 🙂

So, all in all, a couple of bargains and I’m happy (even if they weren’t exactly in the sales!)

Now, where the hell is my suit!

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  1. James Venning says:

    Hey there! Is the My Book drive formatted as FAT32? Mine is which is so annoying as there’s a file size limit on the FAT32 file system!

  2. dmc says:

    I think it was formatted with FAT32 out of the box. Couldn’t say for sure as the first thing I did was reformat it on my mac to MacOS format. It should be easy enough to reformat to whatever FS you want though.

  3. Jibbler says:

    I managed to get another copy of TomTom for free by emailing them. They treated me like a criminal, but they eventually sent me a replacement CD of the software. It’s kind of exciting using 6 year old satnav maps… nothing keeps you awake on long journeys better than roundabouts that pop up unexpectedly.

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