Nearly a quarter of a year since the last update – I’m crap at this blogging lark.

Anyway, last couple of months have been rather manic with something major happening every weekend. Thankfully, we have a few quiet weekends to come now (just need to put the house back together…)

Can’t be bothered to detail the lot, but highlights are the Jam^Rach wedding (at St Pauls Cathederal – go us! Mab even bought a suit!), Miles Miles’s Miles’ the stag do of Miles (an *excellent* day in London on the eye and at Vinopolis) and then Miles and Ang getting married last weekend!

Also, we have finally sorted out our heating system and now have a sexy thermal store of goodness providing uber mains pressure hot water \o/

Can’t mention all these weddings without at least one photo of a beauty in white. How sexy does that look??!? Gorgeous! Ange and Rach looked pretty good as well tbh 🙂

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