Hurrah! Dad has had a phonecall from the council – he is entitled to council tax credit. He will be able to get help towards the 130 quid a month council tax bill to the tune of 38 pence a week. Wow, that’s really going to be great help.

After he had finished swearing at them thanking them for their help, he enquired as to what the hell the point of a rebate that just about covers a stamp was. Seems that the council have based this decision on his last 6 months pay slips – the payslips that show him being paid 70% of his salary. They seem to have missed the letter from the employer saying his sick pay was finished (they didn’t ask for it originally, we took it in) so when this was all explained to them (again) they now want to see the letter (again).

Still nothing from the pension credit people… We do have a letter from the incapacity benefit people saying that to continue receiving credit (*continue* ?????? start would be good) he now has to get a questionnaire filled in by his doctor (the useless GP) and attend a consultation with an occupational health nurse (who is blatently more qualifyed to diagnose parkinsons that Dr Barnes, head neurologist at Kings) . Amusingly, this form needs to be completed in with the doctor within a couple of weeks or the money stops. Doctor has no appointments for 3 weeks…

Apparantly this was quickly resolved by dad turning up the surgery and parking himself there until the doctor “found an appointment”. Seems they can see you within 48 hours if they have to… 🙂

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  1. mrspao says:

    Sounds like the usual bureaucratic nightmare – the only consolation is that it is worse in Italy. I remember having to take copies of everything everywhere because the system was completely barmy – perhaps you should just take lots of copies of everything and send everyone everything in triplicate and perhaps they will triple the 38 pence.

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