yeah, I know they get slagged off endlessly and yes, their billing department is a bit like playing a really bad adventure game from the 80s but for the second time I’m seriously impressed with their support.

I’ve been with them for a broadband service for years (way before ADSL was even an option) starting with a 400Kbit service through 600Kbit, 1Mbit, 2Mbit, 4Mbit and more recently 20Mbit and up until recently I’ve not had any problems apart from a PSU on the modem dying (which was replaced within 2 hours of me phoning it in!).

For the last few weeks the modem has been locking up randomly – today I was downloading a couple of large iso images and I had to powercycle it a few times. I’ve phoned the 25p a min helpline and gone through the actions but the other day I stumbled across their support newsgroup (yes, newsgroup. Usenet. No, not a web forum, this is real plain text only goodness) so figured I’d give that a go.


I posted at 19:24 on a Saturday evening. Tech support replied at 19:29 saying:

…your power levels are also
very low indeed, so we would like to arrange for an engineer to attend your property and investigate this issue further. He should also be able to swap the modem for you, at the same time.

Impressive. On a roll, I thought I’d push my luck and see if they could do this monday (as I’m working from home anyway). If you don’t ask…

Hi Darren,

I have arranged for an engineer to visit your property at the following date and time:

Monday 10th March, between the hours of 12pm-4pm.

This was sent at 19:42. 18 minutes after I first posted a news article asking for help. I’m *seriously* impressed. Wow. Not once did I have to give my mothers maiden name, or a password I set 8 years ago and now have no idea what it is. I didn’t have to talk to an indian call centre down a thin metallic tunnel. I assume they find my account details etc from the posting ip and email.



I’ll be even more impressed if they turn up on Monday – might even be worth paying a months charges for 🙂

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