For years, we have had a rather knackered shed/workshop at the bottom of the garden. We’ve never really used it (largely due to it being full of shit from the previous owner) and last winter the roof collapsed in. Finally, it had to go as we should have a man coming real-soon-now(tm) to put a fence up.

Last week the bottom of our back garden looked like:
a shed

following a long day of smashing it up and something like 14 car loads of crap to the tip it now looks like:
no shed!

Can you spot the difference? I think I owe Trev, Mrs Trev and Jam a few sportsmans. Ta, couldn’t have done it myself (I’d still be out there!)

In other news, I’m off to London tomorrow to visit HP and see what they have to offer us for a SAN upgrade. Having been to Hitachi a few weeks back it will be interesting to see the differences. Obviously, after comparing SLAs, performance, quality of the software and the cost of ownership we will be selecting one to buy based on the most important criteria (how many bl00 leds they have and how good the free lunch is – HDS were excellent on th lunch but sadly lacking in bl00 goodness)

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