Hmmm. I’ve been blog slacking again. Still, I’ve made up for my Web2.0 failings on my blog by giving into to the dark side and signing up with facebook. I can see why some universities are now reporting 80% of their incoming email is facebook related – its one of those web apps that “just works” and makes things easy. And no, I won’t be signing up with myspace so don’t even bother suggesting it 🙂

Anyway, the thing that provoked me to write this twaddle was last weeks panorama. I admit I’ve never been a huge fan of Panorama in the past but I did catch the one on WiFi and it was sooooo bad it made be glad I usually miss them. Talk about dodgy science and scaremongering. One of Jakes friends mums was talking about it the other day saying how pleased she is that the school doesn’t use WiFi (she obviously hasn’t noticed the cisco APs on the walls then) as it’s obviously evil. She was of course telling us this while standing outside our house (where my WiFi was destroying her brain as she spoke). She then headed off to the Co-op to get something no doubt queuing up under their access point 🙂

Anyway, I’d forgotten about it till I saw the BBC newswatch program this morning where the presenter attempted to answer some of the feedback….badly. Take a look at the first few mins of newswatch.ram to make up your own mind. Also, this post on pretty much sums it up (some other interesting responses on that blog – like the standard reply the BBC are sending out etc etc).

Of course, it’ll probably turn out to all be true and it is frying my brain as I type this but this program must rate as one of the worst pieces of pseudoscience to be broadcast for a long tie. 28 mins of complete crap.

Still, as Ben pointed out earlier, what we really want to worry about is baby eating routers taking over our cites. I mean even Tesco sell wireless routers now – they must be doubly evil coming from them.

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