Finally, I got pissed off with the drains in the kitchen gurgling and generaly not working very well and spent half of my day off sorting it.

Inside the kitchen the pipework is new and relatively sane (I put it all in when I fitted the kitchen 6 years ago). however, this exits through a pipe fitted by the previous house owner (a builder and “property refurbishment specialist” – say no more) . This pipe goes out through the wall straight into a 90degree solvent weld corner that is cemented into the wall and then disappears into the solid concrete base for the conservatory – this is 3 ft thick with the pipe embedded in it. To make things worse, this 90 degree corner is right up between the conservatory and the neighbours wall making it impossible to get at unless you are 3 inches wide and have arms 10ft long. I don’t really fit either of those requirements.

The gurgling was simple to fix. A anti vac valve fitted after the trap under the sink cured that. The piss poor flow rate that causes the washing machine to flood if it pumps out at the same time as the dishwasher was not quite so easy.

After dismantling all that I could get to and washing it well (remembering *not* to wash it in the sink that now had no drain ;-)) left me with the problem of clearing out god knows how many years of congeled grease and kitchen crap somehow. Several gallons of caustic soda hadn’t made a lot of difference. Mr Muscle Active Foamer has foamed ok but appeared to have lost it’s muscle. chemical warefare had failed – I needed something more lowtech.

Luckily, Wickes had just the tool. What can best be described as 10 quids worth of uncontrollable stainless steel springy thing with a crank handle and a corkscrew on the end. Half an hour spent ramming this down the drain and attempting to get it to go around all the corners without jamming and I have managed to insert nearly 4 metres of it into the drain. Flushing with a hose suggested it was now a lot clearer than it had ever been. I did then however have the slight problem of how to remove a 4m length of spring covered in vile smelling greasy crap without covering the kitchen and myself in it.

I half succeeded in that I did manage to remove it 🙁

Still, drain now gurgle free and getting the washing machine and dishwasher to pump out at the same time as running the tap full bore still didn’t cause a problem. Wooooo.

Springy shitty smelly thing of death now coiled in a bucket full of bleach in the garden. Despite washing my hands several times in all sorts of cleaning gunge they still smell foul but I guess that will pass 🙂

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