Well, funeral went as well as funerals do. Mucho miles that day though 🙁

Oven door is beyond repair so a new one has been ordered – and it has a DIY pet cremation feature which sounds cool (in a very hot way) in that it can heat to over 500 deg C to auto clean. Suddenly I have an incentive to clean the oven (I doubt this will last however).

Having sorted this we all we decided to head off for a couple of days in the New forest/Isle of Wight. Jake wanted to go find some snakes (crap weather thwarted our adder hunting) but the uber snakes at Liberty’s Raptor and Reptile Centre kept him happy. After a night at the holidaypremiertravelinnlodge at the end of Southampton airport (god it’s difficult to get a five year old to sleep when planes keep taxiing past his window) we headed to the Isle of Wight for the day and a visit to Amazon World which keeps both Jake and mich happy 🙂 After a really crappy fish an chips from the only chip shop on the island that appears to open on a sunday we headed back. A good weekend all in all. Only bugger was my boots decided to give up…

I hate clothes shopping. I *hate* clothes shopping with a passion (as anyone who knows me will probably be able to tell). The only thing I hate more than clothes shopping is shoe shopping. I have a limited selection of footware – trainers for badminton, sandels for good weather to go with my shorts (yes, true Unix geek sandels), smart black shoes that I bought for my wedding and now get used for weddings and funerals only and my boots which I live in. So, monday I head down to the designer outlet place at dover (I soooo nearly bought some on ebay :)). In I walk and ask for a pair of boots like the ones I’m wearing. Size 7. Wide fit. They only have one pair (well, discounting the crap ones that would fall apart in 4 months). Splendid, they’ll do then. I’ll take ’em. I pay and head home.

I’m only out of the house for 40 mins (of which 30 mins was driving to Dover and back). Result. That’ll do me for another 3 years 🙂 I still don’t understand why buying shoes takes women hours (if not days).

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  1. Ben says:

    Must be nice having little girly feet. I have trouble finding size 12s in shops which means I end up having to hit every shoe shop I can think of, so instead of being sensible hit-and-run job, it takes hours 🙁

  2. pao says:

    Last time I mentioned that I needed new shoes, mrspao was delighted and insisted that she came along to make sure that they were “just right”. OK the price made me wince but at least I can get them re-soled every couple of years and not have to worry about having to choose another pair and go through the shoe shopping experience too frequently. 🙂

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