Well, the manic couple of weeks are finally over. The GP, a week away in London on a course and Ross and Lorraines wedding are done. Hurrah.

Rather a lot to catch up on so GP weekend first…

GP: Excellent. Somehow we managed to get 9 blokes from all over the country co-ordinated enough to all meet at Silverstone before 9am on the Friday. Unfortunatly, it appeared that the rest of the country had arrived at 8am so the campsite that we had planned to stay at was full. Only a minor set back and we had soon established base camp in Woodlands campsite (which actually turned out to be a better option given its location). After watching practise on the Friday and walking a complete lap of the circuit we started on the beer (well, actually started during the day obviously but only Fosters is sold inside of the circuit). Next morning we had a fairly impresive pile of beer bottles outside the tents (135 at which point we stopped counting :)).

Saturday had the F1 qualifying (mucho goodness) and we decided on where we would attempt to watch the race from. Having watched the first real races of the weekend (Porche and Maserati cups – Vicki Butler-Henderson didn’t do too badly but Jody Kidd completely screwed up and lost all of the places that Jonny Herbert had worked hard for in the first half of the lap) we decided that a place on the banking in the vale complex would be good. It was close to the gate to our campsite, it had a big TV screen in front, it had a bar behind and we could also see all the way from Hanger straight all the way around to Bridge. Plans were set to be at the gate when they opened at 5am… After a few shandys, it was decided that the bloke a few rows in front of use looked like Michael Schumacher so Marshall headed off to to request a photo. They left soon afterwards having been scared off my the group of wierdos behind them no doubt 🙂 Still, I resisted the urge to buy Becca an outfit.

That evening we had a wander around, and after firing Ross and Marshall into orbit on some sort of reverse bungy thing and having a childish moment or two with a cardboard box we stumbled across the Bulge Disco. This appeared to consist of a huge marque with a crap disco at one end and a bar at the other (selling only Fosters of course). Despite the “DJ” asking for requests several times none of ours were ever played despite us being the only people there for over an hour and Marshall and Sam being the only people to dance during this time… Also attempted to get a photo of the old Jordan F1 car but some woman kept getting in the way 🙁

Finally returned to camp (after Richmond having a piss in the hedge which turned out to be the central resevation of a dual carriageway…) where Ross and Sam had the stunning idea of heading to the gate at 12:30am (“We don’t feel tired”) so that they could be at the front of the queue. “No one will queue all night – we could be first in”. Nice idea except it turned out that by the time they got to the gate at 1am there was already a huge queue…

Still, we managed to get in and by 5:15am the place was heaving. All of the spaces on the Vale bank that gave a decent view were taken. Ross and Sam then proceded to eat bacon rolls and then pass out till 8am when the bars opened and a liquid breakfast was obtained by Sam.

Finally, at 1pm the race was on. Given Kimi was 10 places back on the grid due to an engine failure a third place was pretty good going. Shame Button didn’t get a podium finish but all in all, not a bad weekend at all.

Time to start planning next year….

(oh, a couple of photos of F1 cars just to prove we were actually there – I’ll stick the rest up sometime when I get chance).

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