Well, we have upgraded the mailsystem at last. The messaging patch that we have had problems with worked. The UWC patch that was scary appears to have installed. Even the mysterious messaging queue that we appear to have even though we don’t understand what it does appears to have patched without problem.

Directory server however is b0rken :-(.

One of Suns most reliable and stable bits of software has failed wheras all of the ropey, buggy crash prone crap that is UWC and identity appear to be fine. Don’t ya hate it when that happens?

It’s not lookly hopefull for Sun to come up with a quick fix for this – which could get interesting as both me and Ian are away next week (ironically on a course learning how to install the pissing thing). Jammeh : over to you 🙂

Suddenly realised how close the British GP is. It’s like 3 days away… ARGGGHHHH. Still, I think most of the gig is now sorted. We have tents, bbqs and plenty of beer so I think thats the priority stuff sorted. Tony, Rob and Marshall will be making an early morning attack on the campsite to grab us a couple of half decent pitches. Lee and Rich will be heading up at 5:30am in the Land rover loaded with beer’n’tents etc. I’m then dashing about the Kent Countryside collecting Steve (who hopefully will have arrived from the US), Sam (who all I know is lives somewhere in Rainham) and the Stag himself who has been told to be ready with a sleeping bag from 6am :).

Sounds like a plan is coming together.

Of course, we will return late Sunday night having had little sleep and far too much beer only for me to have to get up early to get to London in time to start my course on the monday….not looking forward to that 🙁

I then get back on Friday evening where I have to dash to Ross’ place to sort out a quick driving lesson – rather worryingly he has just informed me that I am driving the Bridesmaids to the wedding in his dads rather expensive vintage Alvis. Argggh. Scary scary. They are letting me loose driving one of these with somesort of expensive custom body on it. Hrmmm

Oh well, it’s old anyway – I’m sure a couple of small dents and the odd scratch will just add to its vintage charm…

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