Author Archives: dmc is no more! :-( is no more – it now redirects to 🙁 Didn’t take them long to roll out the new styles! (but then, I guess they have had 9 months to get it all ready :-)). Best thing is that … Continue reading

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yes yes, I know…

It’s been a while, no, I’m not dead. Just not really posting anything on here 🙂 Anyway, happy now Tony? 🙂 Could be an interesting day tomorrow firstly, Apple event – *finally* the Apple tablet will make an appearance? Sounds … Continue reading

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A fairly crappy few weeks…

First, we have a bit of a “security incident” on the main webserver at work. Turns out we were fairly lucky – lessons learnt last time something similar happen saved us (firewall *outgoing* connections++). Still the same old issues of … Continue reading

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what a load of crap

Went into town today – first time in months and was surprised to find it so busy that I had to park on the top floor of the shiny new car park (£1.10 an hour?? Blimey). OMG…. What a load … Continue reading

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Goodbye Silverstone?…

So, the last GP for quite sometime at Silverstone was today. Except I can’t quite believe it will be. Bernie the poison dwarf said there would be a British GP (come on, no one believed he would pull that one…). … Continue reading

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All decked out

I seem to start every blog post (not that there are many :-)) with some comment about being crap at posting. Seems that once again it’s been months – oh well. Spent the last couple of weekends finally building the … Continue reading

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Blimey I’m crap at keeping a blog upto date. I would suggest facebook but I’m crap at that as well. Been playing a bit with Twitter recently and while I have spells of fiddling with it I’m still suffering a … Continue reading

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A few days in London

Finally, a few days in London that don’t need me to be sat in a training course all day! Spent a couple of nights staying County Hall on South Bank (around the back by the bins – not the posh … Continue reading

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Sales bargains

Having had a bit of look around the sales for bargains, I’d pretty much given up (Argos seem to have scrapped their 50% discount on lego sets 🙁 ) when I noticed Comet offering a 1TB My book drive for … Continue reading

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Max in touch with the common people again…

No, he isn’t being whipped by them this time. His interview after the FIA meeting on how to save the F1 teams some cash amused me. His claim that every start (race or test) of a F1 car tends to … Continue reading

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