Jake has been saving up for the new release of Dirt 3 for the Xbox. I’d forgotten all about it till today when I suddenly realised it was out tomorrow. No problem, Amazon have it and with prime it’ll be here on release day.

A quick dig around and it turns out amazon are doing it for 37 quid, but Zavvi are offering it at only £32.85. Bargain. They also have the bold claim that

Availability: Pre-order now for delivery on 24 May 2011

In fact, it still says that now live site(as is was at 19:26 on 23/05/2011)

Guess they must be dispatching late in the day – fair enough. Worth it to save a fiver, so we order.

Come 5pm, and the order still hasn’t dispatched. Meanwhile, I’ve found various threads on forums with people complaining about Zavvi.com and preordering games. Seems they have a bit of a reputation for not delivering on time and orders getting stuck in “Awaiting dispatch” status… I check mine and not only is it in “Awaiting dispatch” status, but it’s now saying “Dispatch date – Est: 24/05/2011” Errrr…. that’s the date they promised delivery? I click the cancel button, not expecting much.

30 mins or so later, the cancelling order status vanishes, and it goes back to “Awaiting dispatch”.

I try again… same thing. This time I get an email response:
zavvi email

How many?? I’ve only ordered one… why does the failed to cancel email say 2??

I’ve given up and ordered from Amazon who I trust to deliver when they say they will. I guess the one (or maybe two!) will turn up from Zavvi at some point and I’ll have to return them at my expense. Great. I’ll not be using Zavvi.com again.

I’ve prodded them on twitter given the excellent support I got from Vodafone, and I’ve had via virginmedia on twitter. Not holding out much hope but we shall see…

Average Rating: 4.8 out of 5 based on 237 user reviews.

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