Finally, some (good?) news…

Spent a manic day in London up at Kings hospital today with my dad to collect the results of his DAT scan. It confirms the theory that he is suffering from Parkinsons.

Still, hopefully this is good news in many ways – at last he knows what the problem is and the consultant is now pescribing some drugs that may help. Fingers crossed… mind you, he is being prescribed dopamine agonists which the consultant had to warn us have now been shown to have interesting side effects and that we should remove all credit cards and shared accounts from him! No more night dog racing I feel…

Be good to get back to work tomorrow – I feel like I’ve hardly been in recently (week up in london for a Sun Cluster course, home for a day before a day back up there with the kids at the natural history museum (I’m sure it used to be bigger:)), a bank holiday, two days in work and then a couple of days off…)

As a result of this we then spent the afternoon in the Job centre plus in Ashford. God, what a depressing place. 4 burly security guards watching over random chavs comparing the size of their hoop earings…

Claiming incapacity benefit seems simple enough – but that won’t pay the mortgage. Unfortunately, it seems that despite my folks having an interest only mortgage and using an ISA/PEP to (in theory) pay it off the ISA is classed as savings so wipes out any chance of them getting income support! This seems a bit shit (it would be fine if it was an endowment, you know, like the things the governement told them to cash in a while back as they wouldn’t pay enough) and the woman in jobcentre plus agreed and has put forward a special case – no idea if it’ll work….should hear in 11 working days (11? How the hell does that work??). Good job they aren’t desperate for cash to eat or anything – it’s already been over 3 weeks…

Ho hum.

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  1. Jeanette Dean says:

    Hi Darren

    Baz told me about your Dad today, and just wanted to send you hugs. Don’t know if you know/remember, but my Mum was diagnosed with Parkinson’s in 1995. Originally she just couldn’t walk properly, but cos of the way she was brought up, she didn’t want to bother the Doc – think it took about 12-18 months for the diagnosis to be made. She had good days and bad days, the medication has been altered several times to deal with different aspects of her Parkinson’s. She is 78 this year and still going, but has deteriorated over the years with the bad days getting more frequent, understandably. Sorry to ramble on a bit, but just wanted to let you know that if you need to chat/sound off etc, feel free to e-mail me or Baz.

    Thinking of you, sending love and prayers.


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