Two steps forward, one step backwards…

Well, after giving up with the shit doctors attempting to sort out an nhs referral for dad (sorry, paperwork wasn’t faxed – we missed it etc etc) today we had a private consultation with Dr Phillip Barnes who is apparantly “Clinical Director for Neurosciences, King’s College Hospital and Consultant Neurologist (muscular and movement disorders)” (jobtitletastic) and seems to be a nice bloke (as I’d hope for 280 quid for 40 mins :))

I guess it’s good news that he seems to think it quite likely not to be parkinsons and it’s quite possibly Essential Tremor. Anyway, now they have ruled out lung cancer it seems that the next test involves a DATscan (which I’d never heard of) – however, the cost of this appears to make the 280 quid consultation fee a bargain so Phillip Barnes (private) is writting to dads doctor to get him to refer him to Phillip Barnes (NHS) and apparantly the scan should happen within 6 weeks at Kings College…that’s assuming the crap doctors in Headcorn don’t forget to fax the bloody thing again (third time lucky?)

As he also doesn’t trust GPs apparantly he will email me all the info next week (don’t get that from the NHS :)). Back to waiting for doctors letters then…

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