What is it with our WRC champs? :-(

A few years back, I remember Richard Burns death being announced and Colin McRae giving interview after interview about how although rivals they had been the best of friends in many ways. Then, on Saturday evening rumours started that McRae had been involved in a helicopter crash – with no survivors :-/

Seems this is now all confirmed and is somehow even more chilling as both McRae and his 6 yr old son (along with another child and a family friend) were also killed in the accident.

I’ve not really followed WRC much in the last few years (wife and kids put paid to that sort of hobby :)) but having met McRae once several years ago at Brands he came across as a really nice guy. A massively talented and uber rich guy sure but still willing to chat to fans (unlike mr twat MainSail himself or I’msoupmyselfAlonso). Friends who have met his more recently at Goodwood have said the same. Sad sad sad 🙁

In a final twist, it seems that David Richards (Head of prodrive who McRae drove for) left the Belgium GP early after the news and flew home only to also be involved in a helicopter crash. Luckily, they escaped however.

Still, as it says on every motorsport ticket – “Motorsport is dangerous”. Never thought it would be this dangerous :-/

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