All change at the top?

Late last week, it seems that Trudy Norris-Grey (el president and Managing director of Sun UK) became ex president and ex managing director. Bit of a surprise – she had only been there a couple of years. Not seen where she is off to but I’d imagine she’ll not be looking for income support. I had a brief run in with her at the Sun user group meeting last year and following a few emails I was impressed at the way she got things sorted (or at least, told one of her underlings to sort it).

Today it seems her replacement has been announced (or possibly leaked, not sure there has been an official announcement yet). Apparantly Kim Jones was (is) vice president of global education – could be interesting. Maybe Sun will decide if they are serious about getting into education or if they have given in to Microsoft.

In other Sun related news, seems that Sun have now come back to us with a much more sensible price for JES. I know some of the people involved in sorting this read this. Thankyou – J, and N I owe you a pint 🙂

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