There I was making a cup of tea. Kids sitting at the table eating breakfast when all of a sudden I’m struggling to avoid spilling the tea all over the floor. While I’m attempting to work out if it was a bomb (living next to the channel tunnel terminal this isn’t that unlikely), an explosion somewhere else or an earthquake mich flies down the stairs asking what the hell *I’ve* done!

Anyway, seems it was an earthquake. It was rather surreal to see the entire street standing outside the houses – many still in dressing gowns. There was also a rather strange silence (much like the silence when I was standing on the streets in London for the 3 min silence the week after the london bombs). Of course, doing what all normal people do after an earthquake I went around the house carefully checking for cracks and possible damage out with the camera 🙂

*very* odd driving through Folkestone along the main road into the town and having to wait for crowds of people to get out of the way. Very very odd. Luckily, there wasn’t that much damage – plenty of chimneys like:

The only injury was a woman with a slight head injury which was pretty amazing considering the size of some of the chimneys that came down through roofs!

One thing that did amaze me rather was the reaction speed of the emergency services. Within an hour I counted 12 fire engines from places as far afield as Whitstable and Ashford. We also had a couple of police helicoptors including the Sussex police ‘copter that has spent several hours today flying along the streets inspecting roofs and chimneys with it’s camera. While hovering over our house they waved at the kids in what I think was a “hello it’s all fine” way and not a frantic “OMG GET AWAY FROM THE HOUSE YOU ARE ALL GOING TO DIE!!!!11!1!one” way so I guess we are ok from above. We do seems to have gained a new cracks upstairs though which I ought to investigate 🙁

Still, a slightly more exciting saturday morning than usual – the place is still crawling with Fire engines, police and red cross vans providing cups of tea (how very english ;-)) I have however decided that I definately don’t like earthquakes. I dread to think what a “real” earthquake is like. I can’t really put a 4.3 tremor with a few dodgy chimneys into the same class as the awful things you see on TV at times in other parts of the world. Still, that didn’t stop Sky and BBC running hours and hours of the same pictures while waffling on about bollocks.

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