Good news – too late?

Seems the Comms suite team has a new boss with great ideas?

All sounds great – a few years late possibly but it all sounds good.

Too late for us? Quite possibly.
Too late for Sun to take on Exchange? Maybe. It’ll be interesting to watch

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4 Responses to Good news – too late?

  1. Chris Keene says:

    Following on from my comment last time.
    Why is Exchange bad?
    I know there used to be problems with restore from backups, and each server could only handle a small number of users, but is this still the case?

    I also heard that Exchange can either do IMAP, or do the MS protocol (the name i forget mapi?) but not both. So you either don’t offer the core functionality people expect from Outlook/exchange, or you lock out imap users. Anyone know if this is still true?

  2. dmc says:

    I think the problem is that latest versions of Exchange *aren’t* actually that bad. It’s supported Imap for ages now (many years). Backups are solvable with some money for clever tools and it scales “ok” (nothing like JES scales it’ll do for our needs).

    Exchange will work with just about any client for email – like JES. The problem is users want to use outlook as like it or not, it’s become the standard and integrates so well with other MS products). I admit, outlook is a pretty nice calendar client.

    The biggest problem with moving to Exchange that I see is classic MS lock-in problem. Once you’ve got exchange it will work very nicely with other MS products whereas JES is all open standards. Had Sun got it working well with outlook it might have been a success. They’ve almost admitted that. However, lots of people are getting fed up with waiting (and I count myself in that – OMG, I’m sticking up for a Microsoft product!).

    Of course, those of us with Macs and non windows machines will have an inferior service but a) that’s a very tiny % of the users and b) We can always move to a windows platform ;-(

    Still, they might be able to come back with an offer we can’t refuse – but given how strongly MS are targeting the academic market I can only see one outcome

  3. Ben says:

    and b) We can always move to a windows platform ;-(

    Or move to a different job…

  4. dmc says:

    heh. How defeatist.

    You’ll love it really 🙂

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