I’m off to Lodnod tomorrow for a SAN course. No problem, I’ll pop up the station and get a ticket and then use my oyster card to cover the tube fares and then just claim it all back I think…

First off, I want a train ticket that will let me go to London on Monday early in the morning and then return on Wednesday evening. Except I can’t get one of those as they don’t exist. I have to have two singles. At least, that’s what national rail website suggests. I wander up the station this afternoon to buy it and helpfully I get the really useful guy who works at Folkestone who agrees that although two singles is officially the answer he can do me a “pricebuster”… This turns out to be a single for the trip up on Monday and then a cheap day return for the Wednesday which for some odd reason is £16.70 whereas the single that I really want is £21.90. How the hell can that make sense??? Still, tickets sorted.

Next thing is oyster…I like the idea of the Oyster system. It *sounds* like a great idea but it seems the implementation is a bit broken for users like me who infrequently use it.

First off, I go to top it up online. Should be simple but I have to nominate which station I want to “collect my virtual top up at”. Given I don’t actually know where I’ll first use the tube I can’t easily nominate a station. The tfl gives a wondeful explaination of why I have to do this. Apparantly

All ticket gates are connected to the central system, so new tickets/top ups are transferred when you touch your card on a yellow reader at the ticket gates of your nominated station.

errrrr. So they are all linked up which is why I have to go to a particular station?? WTF?


Anyway, no probs. I stuck some money on it at the station when I was up at the BNL gig a couple of weeks back so that’s ok. I’ll just log into the website when I return, print out my journey history with ticket prices and I can stick a printout of that into my expenses claim. Easy. Except that doesn’t work either

Please note, customers will only be able to view this information if they have purchased pay as you go credit (including Auto top-up) from Oyster online.

Argggghhhhhh. I *knew* joined up systems would never work.

Oh well, back to the more expensive retro bits of paper I guess. Why does public transport have to be so bloody complicated? :-(. I’m going to feed the bloody pigeons just to spite Ken for this

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  1. jam says:

    Having travelled on the trains with dmc for the last few days I’m waiting with interest for part II of this farce 😉

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