maybe they saw me coming?

Reading Jonathan Schwartz’s blog entry about how great his blackberry is I thought I’d post a comment. Annoyingly, by the time I hit the post button comments were closed! I guess they saw me coming. Still, as I’d already written it I figured I may as well stick it up on here.

Google maps is indeed v. cool. Gmail likewise, and with the growing popularity of the other google apps with students at the university I work at we are repeatedly being asked why comms express isn’t more AJAX enabled.

Google have raised the bar on web apps way above Suns offerings. Any chance Sun are going to get anywhere near the levels of usability that google can offer our students for nothing? It’s getting harder and harder to justify our Sun solution – and this time it isn’t just Exchange knocking at the door…

Interesting you use a Blackberry – do you use that against the JES stack (and do you have cal access on it?). Another thing we are looking at that is easy (and cheapish) on Exchange and a minefield with Sun. Sun UK don’t even seem able to suggest anything to us that comes with a support contract that isn’t US working hours 🙁

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