brown paper and string…

Ever since we got Jake an electric trainset for Christmas he has been asking if he can have a diesel for his birthday to go with the two steam locos he has. A bit of shopping around and I found Hattons of Liverpool who appeared to stock the required item at a nice cheap price as they break up sets – if you don’t mind not having a box there are bargains to be had. Apparantly the shop was opened in 1946 by Mr Hatton (who sadly died a couple of years back now) who still wore his original shop coat nearly 60 years later! Real Arkwright stuff!

Anyway, parcel turned up today. Contents fine but the packaging was amazing. The box was carefully crafted out of two old boxes that had already been used (postmarks complete). The unboxed train was carefully wrapped in the best part of last mondays daily Mirror and the whole lot was then wrapped in brown paper and then tied up with string! It’s been a long time since I had a parcel wrapped in brown paper and string – A nice change from bubblewrap and jiffy bags.

On a different note, I popped into the pug dealer to enquire about getting michs car sorted under warranty. I think they got the idea that I wanted it fixed, I wasn’t gonna pay for it and I didn’t want to pay for their “pre warranty expiry checkup” which as far as I can see, checks a load of trivial things that aren’t actually covered under the warranty anyway. They may as well call it the “we are short of work so want to try to find some” checkup.

Still, they are going to have a look at it on friday afternoon. We will see…

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  1. Barry says:

    I know Hattons. I have taken Matthew there. It’s a big shop near Penny Lane in Allerton in Liverpool. You can’t miss is, huge yellow sign that says Hattons on it in red!

    It is a real alladins cave for model trains. OO guage, N gage Z guage the lot!

    You say it was opened in 1946, I would say that’s about right, that’s about the age of the decor!

    They have sofas you can sit in whilst you read this month’s “Railway Modeller” 🙂

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