Car fix0rated \o/

Well, took car in to let Sam attack the stuck sensor and after half an hour (nipped into the new screwfix trade counter for a free coffee and a free burger :-)) he rang to say it had come out and not dropped into the gearbox \o/

Using the slightly non-conventional method of making a puller out of a bloody great seft tapping coach bolt, a big stack of repair washers and an old socket and it actually came out reasonably easily. New one fitted and so far my speedo has behaved and the ECU has stopped messing around…time will tell for sure but it’s looking promising so far.

Could have been a lot worse – I dread to think what it would have cost had it have needed the gearbox out etc. As it was, it only ended up costing £250 quid for a service with all filters changed this time, new brake shoes, the sensor and all the pissing around. Bargain \o/

Still, given I got home earlier than I thought I finally got around to sorting out the new light fitting that mich picked for the dining room. Crappy shitty thing. “twist the five cables together and insert into the terminal block”. Yeah, right. 5 cables into a chocblock while hanging from the ceiling. No way was that going to work – couldn’t even get all of them in safely when it was on the table. Ended up ripping all the crap out of it and refitting it totally. Grrrrr.. Why are these jobs never as easy as they should be 🙁

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