Gah. Cars…

My car went in for a service today. Also, heatshield dropping off of the exhaust (not really a problem – just annoying) and more worryingly, the speedo keeps dropping to 0 for a few mins at a time. Having done a bit of research, it seems that on the Ford Focus a common problem is the Vehicle speed sensor (VSS) giving up so I had a hunt around and although the sensor itself isn’t all that expensive it is a real sod to fit. It seems that the pin that holds it in is usually corroded to buggery by the 80k miles that is the average life of the thing – mine has done nearly 140k so I figured the chances of it coming out without a bit of persuasion was slim…

Dropped it of at Sams Garage this morning and he basically said the same and said he’d have a look during the service to see how bad it looked.

Went to pick it up this evening…was greeted with “there is some good news, and some less good news”. Not great.

Service showed up nothing unexpected. New shoes needed on the back (can’t grumble – first thing I’ve needed on the back brakes in nearly 140k). Less good is the VSS…the good news was that Sam had managed to get the pin out (with much swearing by the sound of it). The bad news is that the bloody sensor than snapped off in the gearbox! Arse. Arse. Arse.

Given the next stage is a bit risky he left it as that so I could get home tonight. Although he doesn’t normally work Saturdays he is going to have a look on Sat where the only real option is to drill the middle, screw an easyout into to it and pray that the bloody thing comes out! If it does, then great. If it doesn’t, then the end drops into the gearbox and it becomes a whole different kettle of ball games…and somewhat more expensive (or, you take the gamble and ignore that and hope the gears just chew it up and then drain out the oil and debris later…)


Then, I get home to find michs car is not only due it’s first ever MOTT next month but it also needs taxing this month. Bugger.

Suddenly, busses look more appealing (for a short time, and then I remember how much I actually enjoy driving and the RS that is for sale up the road comes back into my mind… ­čśë

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