Meeting progress

Had meeting today with the Sun support guys (well, a support guy who we work with a lot, his manager, his managers manager and someone else whose title I forget) which went well. Interesting to find out a bit more about how they route calls (or more accurately, how many of ours are misrouted :-)). Also, got confirmation that we have a note on our account now that flags us to the frontline guys when we log a call 😉 I wonder what it says…

Contract upped to premium 24hr support which is good – should mean that our calls are more likely to go to the core comms team. Also rather amusing to see their response to our tail of the pain we have had in getting support to acknowledge a bug in the Outlook connector – 3 weeks on and we are getting nowhere. Particularly amusing when we showed them this post on the sun dev forums – basically, word-for-word our original call log. They didn’t seem all that impressed that support are requesting help on public forums and then sending us patches (that don’t fix the problem) based on advice from random internet user. Response to that was something along the lines of “Can I take a copy of that please. That will be sorted”. Less than an hour after they had left us we had a bug logged and reference issued along with a promise to keep us up to date on progress… Me suspects some phonecalls were made from the car on the way back 🙂

Seems they are looking for some more support guys for JES – mebbe I ought to send in a reference (I’m probably on some internal hit list now however ;-))

Also got the mobile numbers of the managers and permission to ring them 24hrs a day if we have problems…

More meetings to come – regular conf calls and possible quarterly visits seem on the cards at the moment.

Now to see if things improve…

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