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Well, it seems that both of my guesses at email addresses hit the target and that my email has been forwarded around a growing collection of important people within Sun. Some of the people reading this blog will also have seen it no doubt ;-).

Please, don’t email me asking for the addresses of Trudy and Stewart – as I’ve said to the two people who have already asked as they don’t make this info publicly available I’m not going to be giving it out. What I will say is that it isn’t rocket science to deduce what the addresses are however – all the clues are on the Sun website 😉

Anyway, since my emails I’ve had a few phone calls including a slightly worrying one from a guy at Sun asking if I could confirm that I’d be at my desk at 4pm – I don’t *think* he was a hitman (at least, I survived anyway). Seems that they are now keen to come down mob handed and have a chat about the way forward (hint: make the bloody software work as advertised and stop bouncing us all around Europe randomly for support?). Could be useful…

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  1. Chris Keene says:

    Good news! Keep let us all know of any updates!

    Sussex is moving to a new IMAP platform at the moment
    basically moving to Cyrus-imap

    What gets me is the real lack of email clients for organisations and enterprise. Ok obviously you have Outlook, and you have Novell’s and Lotus’ offering, both seem to go out of their way to provide the worse UI as possible from what i can tell (though never really used the two).

    You then have apps like thunderbird, and Eudora. Which are great, but really designed for home use. No real support for remote preferences, remote/shared addressbooks, and different users logging on to the same machine.

    We used to use Mulberry (now no longer available), which did all this (remote/central storred everything) but sucked so much I can’t even start to describe the pain.

    Come to think of it, perhaps the same protocol should handle mail, prefs and addresses…time for imap5?! 🙂

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