Sun user group relaunch

Afternoon in London yesterday to go along to the relaunch of the UK Sun user group. This had to be moved from Regis House (Suns posh place in the city) for another venue at rather late notice due to the large numbers wanting to attend which was a good start.

As it was effectively the first meeting, the only speaker were from Sun but they had sent a long a few top bods which was impressive (and bodes well for the future of the group if they continue to support it at this level). Personally, I’m not sure I learnt anything from the talks that I hadn’t already read online somewhere or other but it was good to get the chance to be able to question Trudy Norris-Grey and Stuart Ainsworth. Of course, it seemed a shame to miss out on this so I took the opportunity to ask them why Sun software support is so shit at times (I didn’t actually phrase it quite like that although it was tempting :)). A you’d expect, in true manager style they didn’t exactly answer the question but offered to discuss it further over a beer. Given that we only had an hour and there were 50 people trying to talk to them this didn’t really happen all so I took the opportunity to take them up on their offer and dropped them an email this morning. This wasn’t quite as simple as it could have been as it only dawned on me after the meeting that they were the only two people not to put their addresses up. isn’t all that helpful either but with a little bit of guess work I seem to have hit Stuarts address – he is now looking into my issues :-).

TBH, if I get a reply from Trudy I’ll be seriously impressed. I was quite surprised to get a reply from Stuart himself 🙂

All in all a promising start (and Sun paid for the beers) – hopefully some special interest groups will take off (there did seem to be a lot of Java bods there – not really my area at all :-))

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