No. No. No.

This morning, Mich suggested that the 6ft inflatable snowglobe that Argos are selling was “quite cute and looked surprisingly good”.


Quite how anyone can think of Christmas decorations in November is beyond me.  Quite how anyone can think a snowglobe of any size is good is also beyond me. A 6ft light up snowglobe is just….well, no. No. No.

Still, seems that the yearly arms lights race in Folkestone has started. Wandering to Tescos this morning we walked past 3 houses covered in lights.

november lights

This was the first one – SWMBO objected to me taking photos of the others as it made me look sad. Errrrr…..who is who wants a snowglobe in the bloody garden???

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  1. mrspao says:

    Nah, she wants an inflatable snowman and reindeer on the roof to fit in properly. I agree Christmas decorations should only appear in December!

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