Way to go Sun :-(

So, finally after much dithering we get to patch messaging server on Tuesday. Patch installed, system comes back. Job done.

Except, as always with JES patches all is not well. Having finally got a patch afew months ago to fix a huge memory leak in mshttpd it seems that this patch has now undone that. Seems to be growing 1MB a min or so – and this is with most of our users away so once term starts it’s going to be blowing up regularly all over again. Great.

Also, we are just heading into one of the most critical times of year where most of our systems are frozen – and email is critical. Argh. (The patch has also undone the support for Safari apparantly – at least this is less critical). It does feel horribly like we have rolled back a few releases with this. Sigh.

can you see where we patched it?

Before tuesday memory use grew slowly (as we still have a memory leak in webserver or UWC that sun have been hunting for *months* without success). After Tuesday and the new msging patch we seem to be eating RAM somewhat faster…coincidence?

Still, the good news is I’m off on holiday now so I officially don’t care for a week and a bit \o/

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