Old friends

Odd week. Firstly, Barry emails to say he was going to be down in Maidstone for a few days and did I want to meet up for a meal. Spent a pleasant Tuesday eve strolling about Canterbury and dinner in the Olive Grove which was “OK” but the mixed grill was not exactly wonderful (and certainly not rare). Still, got to have a wander around that big church thing in the middle of town which was nice 🙂

Then, on Monday an email was sent around our web team suggesting that it would be worth watching one of Googles tech talks on web application security. Sounded interesting so I kicked it off only to find it being given by a rather familiar looking rotund english bloke… Mike.

After watching the presentation (some good stuff in there – worth watching if you do this sort of stuff) I meant to email him but as usual, never got around to it. Next day I find an email from him 🙂 Hi Mike if you are reading this. I will reply – ‘onest (luckily, he is about as crap at keeping in touch as I am ;-)). And yes thanks, I will have a freebie copy of your book if you have a spare – I might even try to get the dept to buy one 😉

On a completely different subject, a interesting bit of kit was in use at work today. As part of the commissioning of a new UPS in our machine room a guy turned up to load test it. This basically involved sticking a big fan cooled resistor across the three phases and taking some measurements while the batteries discharged. The cool thing was that this “resistor” was rated at 111KW 3-phase and was connected up using commando plugs thicker than my arm. Unsurprisingly given it was the equivelent of more than 100 electric fires it ran a bit warm during the test 🙂

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