Nice to know it isn’t just us…

Sometimes it’s nice to know we are not the only people beating our heads against the brick wall that is Sun. We too have had meetings with Sun and while the support team in the UK seem great guys (Hi Ian, Ming et al ;-)) things go to pot a bit in the development world. It’s worth a read of the rest of that blog as well – it’s nice to know that Travis has been tearing his hair out as well and we are not alone (it certainly feels like it sometimes!). At in the US it sounds like there is a bit more dialog with Sun with engineering meetings and the like.
We still don’t have a comms express instance that will run under load without leaking memory until it dies (about every 22 hours at the moment it seems). Patches are still ropey – in the last couple of months we have had Communications (UWC) express patches that we have been sent and then advised not to install due to “issues”. This patch (-27 IIRC) also installed a new file that referenced a feature that wasn’t available. Apparantly a customer RFE had been implemented but a config file referring to it had escaped in the patch. We have also had a msging patch that failed to set the correct permissions when installed and caused Javascript errors.

Yes, I know errors happen and I accept that all of these patches are only T-patches (maybe one day we will have a stable system that *doesn’t* rely on unreleased test patches?) but I still have concerns over the testing that these patches have gone through before being released. We are now at the point were all patches are installed on the test machines and we then go through *expecting* something to be broken.

Yes, things are definately moving in the right direction. The system is getting more and more stable and the applications are getting more and more usable. Hopefully we will get there before senior management get fed up and tell Sun to stuff it and we roll out Exchange to the campus (something I really, really didn’t want to happen). This was actually discussed in an internal meeting last November and it was touch and go – JES won again this time but only just. Hopefully we won’t get to this position again.

Oh, and while I’m ranting (again!) – having spent the first half of this week on a Directory Server training course it would be nice to have some decent training on Messaging and the other components of the JES stack. It’s been out over 2 years and *still* there is no training courses to speak of. There are a million and one Exchange courses out there…

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