A couple of days in Lodnod

Up in London for 3 days at the moment on a Sun training course. Course seems ok so far and hotel is fine (Staying in County Hall – nice but we are in the el-cheapo travel in around the back by the bins :-)).

Still no courses running on msging 6 despite the system being out for over 2 years. Similarly, nothing useful for messaging. How Sun expect people to roll out these systems when no one can get trained on them (and the docs are pretty poor in places) I don’t know. While on the subject of whinging about Sun, Ben has posted a bit of a rant about some of the issues he has had recently.

He has also done some interesting stuff benchmarking 3510 arrays and comparing to the older T3 arrays that we still have kicking around.

Great indian last night at Rajboys – very nice it was too. Good to catch up with Fil and Emma as well. Tempting to sample Won Kei tonight. Somewhere I’ve always wanted to try but never got around to it ­čÖé

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