Woooo new bed!

The next stage in the 4 year refurb of our bedroom took place yesterday – John Lewis delivered our new bed! Woooo.

Seeing two large delivery blokes struggling to carry the mattress up the stairs reminded me of just how crap our old bed was (originally bought for the spare room). They could hardly carry the new one (jeeeez is it heavy!) whereas earlier in the day I have folded the old mattress in half, carryed it down the stairs on my own and chucked it in the back of the car. Don’t think I’ll be doing the same when this one finally wants disposing off (although given it’s price I expect it to outlive me).

Shame we haven’t got any carpet in the room – but given we are still pondering a loft conversion that may well involve moving walls around a bit it doesn’t seem worth spending cash on a carpet for a few months. Anyway, the floorboards add “character” ­čÖé

Talking of which, if anyone knows an architect (pref local to Folkestone) who might be interested in designing and project managing a loft conversion for us then let me know!

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