Course great, hotel ok, resturant wierd

5 days in London on a Sun course. Course was pretty good and the trainer was excellent. Only three of us on the course which was a little odd (good though). We were staying in the TravelInn out in docklands so although we had a 25 min commute it was only on the DLR so not too crammed and straight to the door of the Sun building. Hotel was fine (and air con in the rooms was an pleasant yet rather unexpected bonus). The resturant however was a little “odd”.

Breakfasts were pretty good although on the monday Ians scrambled egg did appear to be sprinkled with grass cuttings. However, on the Wednesday we did attempt to eat at the hotel in the evening. A mistake…

We rolled in at about 7:20pm and ask for a table for 3. Looking in the resturant it was probably at most 1/3 full. Certainly there were a hell of a lot of empty tables. We were informed that as we hadn’t prebooked we had to wait till 8pm for a table. Despite the piece of paper on the desk claiming otherwise they insisted that they had some groups coming in.

We sat with a beer looking at the near empty resturant. During the half hour or so 1 bloke left the resturant. Dead on 8pm we were called in and then stuck on the table that we had been sitting watching for 30 minutes. We were then presented with a menu which the waitress then promptly went through crossing just about all of it off. Still, the steak I had from the somewhat restricted list of options was very nice. Shame the veg was somewhat on the crispy side of not cooked…

Odd. We didn’t bother leaving a tip and ate elsewhere the next day. Still, the large group of Americans staying there was always a source of amusement – particularly the guy who attempted to warm his croissant in his toaster which resulted in foot high flames and a rather concerned looking cook with big tongs attempting to extinguish it 🙂

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